Monday, August 25, 2008

pretty presents.

this is what it looks like when I myself get invited to a little girl's birthday party!

my best friend's daughter turned 4 this summer and I went on the search for the perfect present. After much deliberation, I decided on Bella Dancerella (Disney Princess Version!) and found a cute pair of tiny ballerina slippers to go along with it. In addition to that, I created a beautiful personalized princess kit- complete with crown, wand, necklace, and fluffy boa! I embellished the crown and wand with a gold 'L' (for Lilianna) and gift wrapped it with the prettiest pink cellophane you've ever seen in your life. Lastly, I made her a pretty little frame for her bedroom, perfectly personalized for the party princess.
She loved all the gifts... almost as much as I loved giving them.

princess kit

pretty personalized frame

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